2018 Season




HUHS showcase is where incoming freshman can come to the high school and see what it has to offer.


2018 Power up

January 6th our team traveled to WCTC for FIRST’s robotic kickoff! We arrived around 8:00 and kickoff began at 9:30. After we arrived our team socialized with other teams we recognized from last year as well as teams that were new to us. Anxiously awaiting kickoff, all the teams in the room were buzzing with excitement as the timer counted down. When the timer reached zero and the video started up applause erupted in the room, the announcement of the game finally arrived.

After the video we collected our kit of parts and raced down to the field where the game was “set up”. Afterwards when we got back to school we started to brainstorm ideas for the game as well as our plan for the year. The anticipation for the game builds up each year, as kickoff is one of the team’s favorite days.

Oriole Assault