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The 2018 Season of First Robotics is Powering Up!

The 2018 Robotics season is in full swing.  We are already a week into the 2018 Season and time is just flying. This year’s theme is “FIRST Power Up”.  The game is based on old video games where cubes need to be moved from point A to point B to accomplish tasks and win points. Along with mounting obstacle and avoiding opponents. This is the animated video of what the competitions will look like in when teams start competing in 6 short weeks from now.

For those of you who are new to robotics and the FIRST organization. FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. The FIRST organization runs several different competitions across age ranges to allow young people interested in robotics, building, programming, engineering, business, and many other pursuits to work together for a common goal WORLD DOMINATION building and competing with robots designed to do specific tasks.

On the FIRST website you can get information about all the competitions available to the youth.  Team 1091 competes in the FRC FIRST Robotics Competition game. Over the course of the 6 week build season we will be building and programming an approximately 120 pound robot for the competition. Students will work with mentors to design, build and program our robot based on the “game” announced at the January kickoff event. FIRST Robotics helps students learn real world skills, and our goal is to generate an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Many of our former student members come back to mentor the team after graduating from HUHS, and more than 50% of our students go on to study fields related to what they have learned in FIRST Robotics.


Week 1 : 1/6/2018-1/12/2018

In the first week of the build season the team spent a day brainstorming what our robot would look like based on what we felt our strengths in the game would be. From there the students broke into teams under the student leaders to further work on prototyping of their contributions to the robot.

  • CAD Team
    • Worked on building the first revision of the chassis as a starting point to work off of as new parts are added to the robot. By designing the entire robot in CAD and utilizing as many standardized parts as possible it allows for the robot’s design to quickly be changed and to see how those changes will affect the robot’s ability to function
  • Programming  and Electrical Teams-
    • Have been working on vision tracking cubes based on their color. Programming the robot to find the center of them.  And “Other such magic”. Are using a working chassis to teach newer members how to program the robot and allow the programmers to have a robot to do rough programming on all season until the final robot is ready to be finish programmed. This allows newer members to practice driving and programming without having to reduce the amount of time the build team has to build the robot.
  • Build Team-
    • Has been busy proof of concept prototyping of an elevator, a claw, a cube handling system, and putting together a working chassis for the programmers to work with. They are currently on their second and third prototypes for these components and in week 2 hope to make working models to allow the parts to be utilized by hand to accomplish a task.
  • Business Team- 
    • Worked on a T-shirt design, T-shirt order forms, thank you letters to our generous sponsors, and organizing a calendar of what the business team needs to work on every day for the rest of the season. This will help keep the team on a very tight schedule due to the very high work load and tight due dates that the business team operates under.