FRC Team 1091



Team Calendar

Our Goal
Our team has been known as a “Never Say Die” as we never given up on our goals and missions and haven’t let any obstacle stop us.

True meaning of FIRST and what it means to the team
FIRST has inspired many people’s lives. It has given them something to look forward to. As well as given many ideas for future careers. This leads into how FIRST has offered many opportunities to past and current members. Past members and current members have received engineering internships and other job opportunities due to their involvement in the club. Our team also forms partnerships with major companies that have given us tours of their facilities. Through the relationship with the community we have received mentors from those companies that give new ideas and ways of problem solving.

Peer Awards
At competitions we hand out awards to other teams of our choosing that we feel excel in different categories. This helps improve our synergy with other teams, and builds friendships. We give out these different awards so that we can show our support of the other teams in the area.

Oriole Assault